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Site Access Controls, Surveillance Cameras, Motion Detection. If your company is looking to stay protected, OST can help.

Our Desktop Maintenance Program will keep your computer safe, fast and updated. 

Is your business in need of a new server rack? We can set it up for you, run all the cables, terminate, label and setup your network servers for you. A full services from the ground up.

Utilize your internet connectivity to save on your phone bill while adding enriched functionality. Digital voice, party lines...

Audio Visual is important for your business. Let us help you customize ideal work space.

Web design, content management, web exposure for your business and social media marketing can all be handled by us, thus making your web presence a simple experience.

Lets save even more money? With our cloud hosted solutions all your files can be stored in the cloud where they will be safe and sound. Each staff members can get their personal cloud drive to store and access files from anywhere. Sharing files just got a lot easier too.

With our wiring technicians handling all the your voice and data connections you can be assure that job will be done right.

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