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The goal of this company is to improve the life of your business. When you stop and think for a moment, about life and work, we all work to enrich our life and that of our families. Technology was designed to simplify all aspects of our lives, but you can agree that most of the time that is not the case.
I'm sure that you are troubled by the very thought of having to find a technology company that understands you as a business owner and an individual. That's were OST is different. Our owners and technicians are people who are keenly interested in the overall well-being of the business and it's owner. If you as a business owner is comfortable with the technology that is assisting you in running your business, than life becomes simpler. It's one less thing you need worry about. Our goal is to help you carry out your vision!
Come and talk to us, and  allow us to offer you the best technical experience you have ever received.
Our Team
Theodore Cottle, Owner | Phone: 484-712-0847

As low voltage and end of line specialist. I have over 10 years of experience dealing with Information Technology in an array of specialties. Some of those specialties include security, both legacy contact/motion base to more recent sensor and surveillance-based systems. My expertise extends beyond low voltage appliances. In my years in the IT world, I have had configured and managed over a dozen networks, containing complex network and server configuration. In that time I have dealt with all the top brand network appliances as well as server applications. All the while keeping things simple for the customer.

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